The Secret to Meeting Women IRL and Finding the One
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The Secret to Meeting Women IRL and Finding the One

Published Mon Sep 19 2022

Let's face it, if you are a busy professional you are most likely working long hours, from home or an office, or maybe a bit of both. You spend the majority of your time there, so you don’t get much exposure to women throughout the work week.

Here’s what most guys do: They just end up staying at home the rest of the day after they finish work. They chill, end up watching some youtube/netflix and relax.

This is a big reason why men do not have success with women.

Because outside of their work, they don’t have any fun activities to get exposed to women organically throughout the week.

They end up waiting for the weekends to network,or go out to bars to socialize and meet women. I’m not saying going out is a bad thing if you are single, but what about the other 5 days in the week?

You are losing so much potential of getting exposed to women!

If you want to have a higher percentage of meeting your dream woman, it is important to add some activities in your lifestyle.

An example is if you are trying to attract a woman who is fit, you want to start going to places like yoga studios, the gym, F45, and other places where fit women go so that you can workout and at the same time, meet different women.

This is something you must add immediately into your life if this is something you are serious about.

You can’t just rely on dating apps to find your dream girl. There is real possibility you might never match with her on an app, but YOU CAN find her in real life.

If you do this, you are already have a higher percentage that you can find her. Not to mention, you are going to stick out against the droves of dudes online that she hasn’t seen in real life yet.

It’s just a matter of you knowing how to introduce yourself, build a connection with her and attract her! Get her social media or number so that you guys can go on a date, and see if there’s chemistry to keep going into the next phases of courtship.

This is how I met my dream woman - at the gym. I saw her while I was working out and initiated a conversation with her. As they say, the rest is history. Speaking to her was the best decision of my life, and the crazy thing was that she wasn’t using online dating apps. So I never would have met her otherwise!

I’ve also helped my clients meet their dream woman IRL as well.

Believe it or not, not all women are use dating apps. And even if they do, it is much more powerful if you go up and talk to them IRL and connect. It gives you much more of a lasting impression and an advantage over other guys.

Social skills for men are on the decline. WFH is the new norm. and this prevents people from interacting with people all day. More men are having a harder time being social and wanting to go and talk to women because of what society has programmed us to think. That it is weird to “approach a woman” and not to mention, other limiting beliefs inside that stop them from just saying hello to her.

At the end of the day, all that you are doing is talking to another human being like we have been for hundreds of years.

Women these days still fantasize about meeting their man in real life. Their secret fantasy is to run into “mr. right.”

Stop waiting for the perfect moment to talk to the woman that you are attracted too. It is better to go and shoot your shot than to live life with WHAT IF. That’s the worst way to live - living life with REGRET.

Implement these steps into your life if you want more exposure to women. Remember, it’s never going to be like college when there were women everywhere on campus. If you want to know the exact blueprint of how to meet women IRL and the framework on how to talk and connect with them, send me a message and we'll set up a time to talk and crack the code in your love life.

Stop waiting for the perfect moment! The Perfect moment will never happen. You have to create the moment!

“Fortune favors the bold.” - Aristotle