The Rise of Lonely, Single Men Pt.2
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The Rise of Lonely, Single Men Pt.2

Published Tue Sep 06 2022

Listen up for the real reason why more men are lonelier and more single than ever before!

So the other day, I was reading this article that was written by this psychologist named Greg Matos. In the article, he talks about how men in today's world are more single and lonely than ever before. I want to share what he says, but I will go deeper into the real reasons why men are single.

#1: He states that dating apps have been on the rise, and they are how most people meet their significant other. He says, “The only problem is that upwards of 62% of users are men, and many women are overwhelmed by the number of options they have. Competition in online dating is fierce, and lucky in-person chance encounters with dreamy partners are rarer than ever.”

So, more guys are using dating apps, but why can’t they have success in that arena and find a good woman through dating apps? Well the first reason is because for every woman who's semi attractive, they literally have thousands of matches with guys!

For most guys, it’s the complete opposite! The first big reason why men can’t even get matched up with women or have such low traction on matches is because they don't know how to market themselves in the sexual marketplace (dating apps)! They just put up some pictures of themselves, write a bio, put prompts and hope for the best!

The majority of guys don’t want to put a little time and effort into their profile pictures, and then will act surprised when they don’t get many matches at all! That’s the first actual reason! This is one of the first things I help my clients with.

We optimize and maximize their look, and they just follow my systematic approach that will get them way more matches with women!

Because women have so many matches with guys, they are going to choose the top tier men to swipe yes on. This eliminates such a high percentage of men right off the bat because at the end of the day, most men go into the dating market blindfolded!

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The next reason why men are lonelier than ever and can’t land dates, is because the next crucial step to meet women after you get matches is in the texting phase.

This is another huge problem men have. Even if they improve their profile pictures, have a good bio and witty prompts, they need to know how to text women the right way to meet up with them in real life.

This is one of the biggest bottlenecks guys have, and it’s in their text messaging. They are using too much logic and not enough emotion to have playful and fun conversations. Also, they are spending too much time in the chat box for weeks to months without getting to the point and setting up a proper time and date!

This is where you run into the same pattern and get ghosted, the conversation will fizzle out and then, never see the woman in real life!

In my coaching program, my clients go over the text messaging modules where they learn how to text women effectively. I also have other examples of my clients going from point a; messaging a girl on an app, to point b; setting up a proper time and date and getting equipped with the right tools to start landing dates. Not to mention if they have questions, they can screenshot their text conversation and I help them text the women so that they can get to the date!

So as you can see, there are actually specific and very real reasons why men are lonelier than ever.

Dating apps are not going anywhere. They are here to stay. If men want to have success and find the right woman for them, they need to be getting consistent dates to find the right woman who they have great chemistry with.

Another thing Greg states is that “lucky in-person chance encounters with dreamy partners are rarer than ever.”

Why is this? Why is it rarer than ever for men to meet women in real life?

I can write a book on this but to keep it short, the big core reason is because school never teaches men how to talk to women. They don’t show you how to banter and flirt and how to have a framework to go from point A, walking up to a girl (example) at a coffee shop, introducing yourself, building a small connection and point b getting her number/social media/whatsapp to plan a date! Or even just knowing how to attract women through meeting her through your social circle.

Not to mention, social skills for men are on the decline because of the WFH lifestyle. To top it off, dating apps are causing men to not want to sharpen their skills in this area, so it’s rarer than ever for a man to approach a woman he finds attractive and initiate a conversation.

If men don’t end up meeting their partner in college, and they land a good job working from home, an office, lab or hybrid, then they will never get the same exposure that they once did back on college campus or out partying. That was the time you could meet women in class, through friends of friends, on campus and at get togethers.

This makes it super difficult for men to just figure it out on their own!

As you can see there's actual core reasons why more men are sexless and lonelier than ever before! It doesn’t matter how good of a person you are or how big of a heart you have, if you can’t attract women whether it’s through dating apps or in real life, then you will suffer greatly!

If men want to improve their dating and love lives they are going to have to put in some work in this area of their lives. They can’t neglect one of the most important areas of life.

If you’re a man with a successful career or your own business and you’d like me to help you personally find the right woman, then send me a dm or apply for a free initial consultation. Looking forward to speaking with you.